Concerning the current fight against terrorism new EU-regulations have been issued. Therefore every business is committed to identify forbidden business relationships to prevent further business or contact.

Economic and legal measures and restrictions have been put in place to sanction Persons, associations, organisations, establishments and companies. Those are mentioned in the sanction list register of the United Nations. That is why companies should align their data bases with the sanction lists.

If your company is trading with US-goods or is affected by the US-re-export-law you should also attend the US sanction lists considering that the American foreign trade agreement has an extraterritorial validity. That does also include goods that were produced by US technology, US knowledge or even with more than one US component. Consignees in Germany should also accomplish a sanction list screening.

It is your company’s responsibility to fulfill regulations and restrictions like reducing the risk of breaking EU-law and optimizing your control mechanisms. To offend against EU-regulations implies massive legal consequences that will not only affect you and your economic situation but also your reputation.

Hence sanction lists go through permanent changes it is very important to work with lists that are up to date. By now the extend of the sanction lists makes manual alignments impossible.

SecuList is your solution.